Doccla leverages technology and CQC-registered clinical services to transform traditional hospital wards into virtual ones, enabling patients to receive care at home. Doccla have monitored over 4 million patient days and are active in more than 40% of ICBs, where their blend of wearable devices, managed logistics offering, compliance monitoring and mobile apps support both high-intensity, high-acuity patients and the management of chronic conditions. With a focus on inclusivity, they support multiple languages and provide mobile devices, ensuring access for all patients. They offer a wide range of clinical pathways, integrate with various healthcare systems for seamless data flow, and continuously evolve to include more devices and services to stay at the frontier of healthcare innovation. Doccla’s model has proven to reduce avoidable hospital admissions, enhance patient quality of life, and generate cost savings for healthcare systems, all whilst removing barriers to implementation through their CQC accreditation and comprehensive service offering.